Mom or not, I’ll always be a glam girl. I love playing in makeup, getting dressed up, and hitting the town. But my budget doesn’t always agree with long walks through Ulta, so today I’m sharing 10 must-have products to create the perfect look without breaking the bank!


Foundation is the canvas for a perfect look. When choosing foundation, the possibilities are endless. Look for a product that matches your complexion, meets your preference of matte or dewy, and has buildable coverage.  One drugstore option is Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. At under $10, this product is budget friendly and high quality!


I’ve had dark circles since Kalyn was a newborn (oh hey, sleep deprivation), so concealer is my best friend at this point. What I look for in concealer is one that is creaseless and doesn’t give that halo like glow in pictures. One of my faves is L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. Y’all, it’s $4. Need I say more?

Brow Pencil

I refuse to leave my house with ungroomed brows. I truly believe they frame the face and can make or break a look. There are a ton of options available for brow pencils, but if you’re looking to save rather than splurge, check out Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Pencil. It’s retractable and comes with a brow brush as well. It’s also under $5! While we’re talking brows, be sure to check out a brow tutorial from one of my favorite Youtuber’s to get those brows just right!

Contour & Highlight

Contouring slims the face and provides shape. Highlighting gives a glow to the highest points of your face. I opt for a contour and highlight set. The cool thing about this set is that is can double as a natural eyeshadow palette, and it gives you a bronze look. Perfect for date night, or just everyday wear. An added bonus is that it’s under $10!

Setting Powder

To bring the face all together, I use setting powder. It prevents creasing, gives a more matte look (key for oily skin), and helps to blend all the products. Setting powder can be the same as your complexion, but I personally prefer a translucent powder so that it can be used over areas you have concealed or contoured. The powder here is $6 is used by women everywhere!


Much like brows, lashes definitely give your look and added POP! Whether your preference is voluminous or lengthy, there is a product for you. My favorite right now is Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara. It gives the best of both worlds with volume AND length. I just love it! It’s priced at $7 here.

Lip Gloss

I couldn’t create a makeup list without including lip gloss! I’m a nude kinda girl, but lip gloss is a great way to be creative and spice up your look. I generally stick with neutrals for the daytime, and then go crazy with color at night. NYX Butter Gloss is a good option if you like a glossy look without the sticky feel. You can find it here for $5.00

Beauty Blender

A makeup sponge is so essential to creating any look. It applies foundation, cream blushes, and even highlighter seamlessly. Most pros go for the classic Beauty Blender. Luckily, budget watchers like myself have found the PERFECT dupe at just $2!! Run and go grab a few!

Brush Set

The last item needed is a brush set to help you apply all of the products to create your makeup look! I love brushes that are soft, yet sturdy and dense. BH Cosmetic’s Petite Chic offers six essential face and eye brushes for only $15.00!

Setting Spray

This is optional, but I usually don’t go without it. If you’re looking to have your makeup last all night, setting spray is a great way to do so. It literally locks everything in place and prevents transfer, creasing, or smudging. ELF cosmetics Mist Spray not only locks everything in place, but it can also bring a look back to life with a few sprays. Another drugstore win for $5!  

Is your cart full yet? It’s completely possible to have a glam look for under $100 using the guidelines above. What are some of your favorite makeup products? What questions do you have about makeup application? Meet me in the comments to discuss!