If you’re like me, fashion is all about taking risks and changing things up every chance you get. Still, there’s something about having essential pieces that help you easily style a look and transition well from season to season. Today I’m sharing three of my favorite Fall fashion essentials for every closet!

Essential 1: Teddy Coat

Every woman should own a teddy coat for two reasons: style plus warmth! As the temperatures drop, layering becomes an important part of the outfits I select each day. Throwing on a teddy coat provides instant warmth. I generally order mine a size up so that I can fit a heavy sweater underneath if needed. In addition to warmth, teddy coats are ridiculously stylish! They come in a variety of colors and lengths, making them easy to pair and dress up or down. 

Essential 2: Leather

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t call myself a fashionista if I didn’t own at least one leather garment. Though I wearing pants in my look, leather can be worn as a jacket, a skirt, shorts with thigh high boots, or even a full on dress. Leather comes in so many colors: I opt for blacks, olives, or rich wines for Fall pieces. Leather also offers warmth as it is a thicker material. Lastly, leather can be paired with virtually any print or texture, so your possibilities are endless! 

Essential 3: Leopard Print

Of all the prints in the world, nothing makes my heart happier than leopard print. For me, it serves as a neutral that easily ties other pieces in a wardrobe together. For Fall fashion, my leopard print pieces are usually found in belts, boots, sweaters, and heavy cardigans. I pair them other solid garments to add a pop of fun to an otherwise boring look. 

If you’re here playing “I Spy”, did you guess correctly? Share some of your favorite Fall fashion pieces with me!