As I continue to grow my brand as an influencer, one of the top questions I get is how did I start monetizing my content. Let it be known that monetizing comes with producing quality content, engaging consistently with your audience, and building a community of trust to use your influence successfully. 

Looking to begin monetizing your social media content through influencer marketing but you aren’t sure where to begin? I’m sharing TEN influencer marketing platforms that I used as a beginning influencer. 

Please note that the following platforms do not guarantee success in working with brands and simply serve as guidance in getting started. For more information on how to monetize your content, please feel free to reach out to me directly via XoCryssy.

Things To Consider:

-Some influencer marketing platforms have a follower requirement. Do not be discouraged by this. Continue to engage, post quality content, and work your way up to this count. 

-Do not shy away from campaigns that offer exchange for product if the product is beneficial to you. I personally still take exchange for product for clothes, toys for my daughter, and electronics. Consider what is mutually beneficial and go for it!

-Review the scope of work closely. Don’t overwhelm yourself just to say you’ve monetized. Know your value and stick to it! 

-Read the fine print. Not all deals are created equal. Know exactly what the brand expects of you and be sure you can and are willing to follow through before committing. 

Are you ready to dive into monetizing your brand? What further questions do you have about influencer marketing?