Having consistently high quality content will always be essential as an influencer.  However, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to create content that attracts your target audience, and ideal brands you’d like to work with. Today I’m sharing 7 essential tools every Instagram content creator needs! 

Camera (or Phone)

When I first started out as an influencer, I solely used my iPhone to create content at home. Familiarize yourself with camera settings and tricks for high quality images.

When you’re ready to purchase a camera for more advanced photography, here are a few of my favorites:

-Beginner Camera: Canon M50

-Intermediate: Canon 90D

-Lens: 50mm

Photo Inspiration

Before you begin shooting content, have a gallery of photos to draw inspiration from. Use Pinterest or save photos directly from Instagram and recreate components as you shoot your own content. 

Tripod + Remote Clicker

I utilize a wonderful photographer for my outdoor and family shoots, but otherwise I self shoot. In order to do this a tripod and remote clicker are must haves. I position my tripod where I’m shooting, and use the remote (connected to my camera or phone via bluetooth) to snap my shots. Extra tip: Easily hide your remote by holding something in your hands. 

Ring Light

When shooting outdoors, natural light is always the best way to capture high quality content. When indoors, influencers often use tools that mimic natural light for a brighter, more airy feel to their photography. The Ring Light is the perfect beginner tool to do so. Easy to use and fairly affordable, it allows you to have great lighting no matter where you are. 


As an influencer, your goal is to tell a story through your images and captions. Adding simple props helps to easily do so. Plants, books or magazines, phones, computers, pillows, or flowers are all great starter props that you probably already have at home. Think about what you’re trying to portray, and choose props that align to the overall vision and aesthetic of your platform. 

Editing Apps

Very rarely will content go live immediately after it’s snapped. In order to take it to the next level, most influencers use a variety of editing apps. From applying presets, smoothing, adding text and music, or removing objects, editing apps make content look and feel more professional. Here are a few of my favorites:



-Adobe Lightroom




Share with me, what are some essential tools you use as an influencer?