If you’re a natural, you can totally relate to knowing that there are days where doing your hair feels like a full time job! Sometimes doing your hair feels like another item on the long list of responsibilities you handle every day. I’ve got the perfect solution for you! I’m sharing my newest favorite hair hack: the headband wig!
What is the headband wig?
The headband wig is a combo of wigs and headbands attached in the front with the hair sewn on a soft wig cap. Rather than using lace in the front, a headband gives a more realistic and natural look. I love that this wig also includes lots of clips to have a secure yet breathable feel. 
Why you NEED a headband wig:
-Affordability: The headband wig purchased here is much more affordable than a traditional unit. With high density and soft hair, it was worth every penny!
-Convenience: This wig took less than five minutes to install, and styling is instant!
-Diversity: Between a variety of headbands and styling options, the possibilities of this unit are endless!
-Protection: The headband wig is a protective style that doesn’t require sewing, glue, or any manipulation of your natural hair. It can be taken off each day to allow your natural tresses to breathe.
How to install:
-Place a wig cap over your natural hair. I opted for a braid-down since I have extremely long and thick hair. 
-Put on the wig and use the clips to secure the headband. Fasten along the wig cap edges, then place the wig over the back of your head. Again use clips to secure to your liking.
-Style! Choose a headband to coordinate with your look, pull the hair up in a bun, or leave it down.

Overall, I give the headband five stars! I’m obsessed with the texture of the hair, the convenience and the price! If you’re looking to purchase a headband wig, be sure to shop with Luv Me for affordable, luxury wigs!